Examples of Frequently Asked Questions

Appropriate for Dr. Bob to Answer

  • Perinatal Stage - Questions regarding the time frame around the birth of your child
    • Is my newborn more susceptible to illnesses?
    • Can my baby see?
    • Can people come to see my baby as soon as I bring it home?
    • When is it safe to take a baby out?
    • How shall I dress my baby?

  • Growth and Development Stage - Infancy
    • Should I nurse or give my baby formula?
    • My baby's hands and feet are always cold - it that a problem?
    • My baby spits up - am I doing anything wrong?
    • Should I wake my baby to feed him?

  • Toddler - 2-4 Years
    • At what age do I attempt toilet training?
    • My child is not talking yet - is this abnormal?
    • My child bites - should I be concerned?
    • My child in not walking yet - should I worry?

  • School Age
    • My child's birthday falls at a cut-off point for either kindergarten placement or holding him back another year - what should I do?
    • My child gets very upset about leaving me to go to school - is this normal?
    • The teacher has expressed concern about my child's progress in school - what should I do?
    • My child had a low grade fever last night - can I send him to school?

  • Adolescence
    • My child has always been obedient - now he's unruly and defiant. What can I do?
    • My daughter is 14 years old and hasn't gotten her period yet - should I be concerned?
    • My son is 15 years old and seems to have no interest in girls - is that normal?
    • Is acne normal?

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