Dr. Bob's Philosophy

Dr. Bob has enjoyed practicing pediatrics for the past 30 years, interacting with parents and their children in the dispensing of medical care. Medicine is no mystery - it involves common sense, which he has tried to weave into all aspects of his practice. He likes to take away the notion of elitism in medicine and relate to his patients on a populist level, offering expertise with common sense and humor. He feels managed care has changed a noble profession into a business. Doctors have little time to interact with patients. The patient has been reduced to a number, and medicine a business of bottom lines, cost effectiveness and other "Wall Street" jargon.

Recently, Dr. Bob gave up his full-time practice in a move toward retirement. In a departing letter to his patients, he expressed gratitude for their valued input and loyalty and for the mutual respect they had shared over the years. Now that he has retired from an active pediatric practice, Dr. Bob wishes to continue one of the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of medicine, the sharing of knowledge gathered and enriched by thirty years of experience.

Dr. Bob's professional philosophy can be light-heartedly summed up: "Sit there, just don't do something." This over-simplification of an important belief implies his respect for the body's power to heal itself. Not every symptom requires medication, he says; for example, a fever, though disturbing to a parent at its onset, may actually be beneficial in the healing process. The doctor's goal is to know when to enhance the body's natural healing process with medication and when to let nature take its course.

Through intuition, as well as experience, the well-trained physician supplements hard earned knowledge with common sense. Knowledge, intuition and common sense...these are the mutually gratifying gifts Dr. Bob hopes to share with you.

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